ProfileCloseUpAll therapy begins with a story–your story.

My job as your therapist is to help you tell your story and find the meaning in its threads and connections that will help you know yourself more deeply. Whether you have a specific problem or simply want to make some life changes, we’ll carefully unravel what has led you to this place in your life, so that ultimately you can  find the freedom to move forward in a different way.

I’ve been helping individuals and families understand their stories for over 20 years. My decades of experience includes  working with adults, parents, adolescents and children, and helping families manage illness, grief and loss. For the past 10 years, I’ve also trained many beginning therapists to work with children, adults and couples, teachers, parents and schools.

My style is warm, down to earth, creative, thoughtful, and authentic.

Though reaching out for consultation or to start psychotherapy can be daunting, there is a huge reward in understanding those well worn patterns that are no longer serving you well, and learning to find new ways to live, work and love.   I welcome the chance to begin that work with you.