Consultation can help you solve a problem, think something through.  It can help you come to a deeper understanding of how something came to be, and options for moving forward and through to the other side.


Co-Parenting Through Divorce

Separation and divorce can make it difficult to keep the focus where you want it — on what’s best for your child or children.  I will use my over 20 years of experience as a child and adolescent therapist to help you understand how to make better decisions together — or how to craft compromises– that will promote your children’s growth and well-being through difficult times.

Infertility and Assisted Reproduction
 From helping you think through your true goals, to navigating your options and making decisions (alone or as a couple), through dealing with clinics and third-parties, I am available to help you during this often complicated and emotional process.
Preschool Consultation and School Consultation
I have a deep experience in school consultation — from preschools to high schools– and have     spent the last 10 years training school-based psychotherapists and consultants.   Some of the range of issues I’ve helped with have been:
— individual child developmental consultation
— peer groups
— strengthening administrative management style
— strategies for how to help a child in the classroom
— taking sensory and constitutional issues into account
— mystery-solving (“why is this child acting this way?”)

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