Children and Adolescents

Parenting Work , Child Consultation and therapy

Are you concerned about your child but don’t know how to begin to figure out what might be going on, or the best way of intervening?

All good child work begins with an extensive conversation with parents.  As you tell me about who your child is and what is going on, I ask questions and listen for clues that may give us hints about what all might be contributing to whatever has brought you in.  Often, in addition to talking about their behavior and what might be causing them distress, this includes thinking about the child’s temperament and constitution, the way they learn, their relationships at school and at home.
I work with parents as a part of a team to help you understand and help your child.  If we decide that your child might benefit from therapy, each child or adolescent therapy begins with a 3-4 session evaluation period before coming up with a plan of how to proceed.
My child and adolescent therapy slots are often full. If you are interested, please consider reaching out to my associate, Jennie Tranter, AMFT .


I have been working with adolescents since early in my training, and it is a particular area of interest and expertise.   I believe it is possible to involve parents in their child’s treatment and progress, while making therapy a safe and confidential space for teenagers to work through what is troubling and explore what is meaningful in their changing lives and reality.

Among my areas of expertise are:

— creative solutions to discipline problems
— how to keep the children’s needs in mind through separation/divorce
— the role of temperament, learning differences, sensory profile, and other constitutional issues
— getting out of ruts
— sleep
— power struggles
— peer issues/social stress
— helping children navigate parental illness, divorce, or significant loss
— adolescent depression

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